Tulasi 7 BG II

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Tulasi 7 BG II is one of the high yielding cotton seed variety produced by Tulasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd.This variety is suitable for all kinds of soils. The bolls are big and each boll can fetch around 7 gms of cotton.This variety is recommended for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Odisha
Some of the important characteristics of this variety are
  • Bigger Boll Size
  • Tolerance to Pests & Diseases
  • Easy Picking
  • High Yield
  • Less Internodal Distance / Chain Bearing
  • Suitable for all soils
  • Suitable for Rainfed and Irrigation conditions
Note : The seeds germination depends on the soil, climatic conditions, fertilizers, watering etc.